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Flannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay example

Flannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find A Good Man is Hard to Find presents a masterful portrait of a woman who creates a self and a world through language. At least that is what Mary Jane Shenck thinks of the Flannery OConnor story. Several different people have several different views of this controversial and climatic work of OConnors. In this paper I will take a look at these different views of different situations and characters in this book. First we will take a look at grandmother. She is made to look like the saint in this story. Her, in contrast to the rest, is the good person, always looking out for the best of others. She is not going on vacation, she is going to visit her connections in Tennessee. While†¦show more content†¦This way he knows what he has done and what he hasnt. He tells the grandmother this before killing her. The reason for doing this, in the Misfits mind, is so that he can match up the crime with the punishment and see if they are right for each other. If they are not then you know that the system hasnt done their job correctly. He knows that his punishment is no mistake because he wrote down his actions. He respects the power of the words because they define what he does. The other identity mask that the Misfit puts on is the mask of the Lone Ranger. He, though, is not looked upon as a white Lone Ranger, but a black Lone Ranger. The mixture of good and evil inside of him is a meanness in whole. He feels that he has saved the grandmother by shooting her. He even turns to one of his two henchmen, Bobby Lee, and tells him something along the line of that she would have been a good woman if she would have had someone there to shoot her all the time. The only pleasure that the Misfit got out of killing grandmother is the meanness behind the action. Now we take a look at the ending. The family had an accident on a back road, flipping their car. This occurred all because of grandmother. She told Bailey that the old plantation was along this way, and that the mansion had a secret panel in it. The kids went nuts to see this passage, and Bailey, the father, gave in and took them down this road to see it. The cat got uncomfortable from the whole situation andShow MoreRelated Flannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard To Find Essay1144 Words   |  5 PagesFlannery O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard to Find is one of the most well-known short stories in American history. A Good Man Is Hard to Find is a disturbing short story that exemplifies grace in extremity as well as the threat of an intruder. The story tells of an elderly grandmother and her family who embark on a road trip to Florida. The grandmother is a stubborn old woman with a low sense of morality. While on the trip, the grandmother convinces her son to take a deto ur which results in a brokenRead MoreFlannery OConnors A Good Man Is Hard to Find Essay1418 Words   |  6 PagesThe Dysfunctional: Psychoanalysis of Flannery O’Connor’s â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† Murder of women, children, and even a baby is a harsh image used by Flannery O’Connor in â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find.† The imagery is an effective literary device used to convey ironic tragedy, the struggle of female characters, and the family unit. The story follows a family on a trip to Florida when their journey, interrupted by an ill-fated detour resulting in a car wreck, ends in murder after they cross pathsRead MoreFlannery OConnors A Good Man Is Hard to Find and Revelation1436 Words   |  6 Pagesand racism, which is observed in the perspective of black and white individuals. Some of the most familiar southern authors are William Faulkner, Flannery O’Connor, and Cormac McCarthy. One author in particular, Flannery O’Connor, is a remarkable author, who directly reflects upon southern grotesque within her two short stories, â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find† and â€Å"Revelation.† These two short stories are very similar to each other, which is why I believe that O’Connor often writes with violent charactersRead MoreFlannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find1171 Words   |  5 Pages When one first begins to read A Good Man is Hard to Find, by Flannery O’Connor, one is assailed by the humorous petty grievances of a mother living under her son’s roof disrespected by her grandchildren and lonely in a house filled with people, clutching at memories of days long passed similar to the Tennessee Williams play, The Glass Menagerie. As the story unfolds one begins to see the indifference of Bailey toward his family in general and especially his mother—rightly so, as the ‘old lady’Read MoreFlannery O’Connor’s A Good Man is Hard to Find Essay1071 Words   |  5 PagesFlannery O’Connor had her roots set in Milledgeville, Georgia, which happens to be one of many states that when combined, form what is known as the â€Å"Bible Belt† of America. I n respect to this, O’Connor talks about her beliefs: â€Å"This means that for me the meaning of life is centered in our Redemption by Christ and what I see in the world I see in relation to that† (O’Connor 482-483). As O’Connor was a devout Catholic, violence was not a direct preaching, but Joyce Carol Oates writes that â€Å"succumbingRead More The Misfit in Flannery OConnors A Good Man Is Hard to Find466 Words   |  2 PagesThe Misfit in Flannery OConnors A Good Man Is Hard to Find I feel that the Grandmother in the story A Good Man is Hard to Find suffers from psychological conditions. She does not care at all about anyone but herself. I feel that she may even be narcissistic. It is ironic because she would be expected to look out for her family. The Cambridge Dictionary defines narcissism as too much interest in and admiration for your own physical appearance and/or your own abilities It is ironic becauseRead MoreIrony and Foreshadowing in Flannery OConnors A Good Man is Hard to Find1604 Words   |  7 PagesAs I read Flannery O’Connor’s short story â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find†, I find myself being completely consumed by the rich tale that the author weaves; a tragic and ironic tale that concisely and precisely utilizes irony and foreshadowing with expert skill. As the story progresses, it is readily apparent that the story will end in a tragic and predictable state due to the devices which O’Connor expertly employs and th usly, I find that I cannot stop reading it; the plot grows thicker with everyRead MoreA False Reality in Flannery O’Connor’s A Good Man Is Hard to Find537 Words   |  3 Pages In most of Flannery O’Connor’s short stories a number of characters have a hard time seeing an ultimate reality in their life. They tend to have a distorted grasp on reality but not all in the same way. In the story â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find,† the Misfit and the Grandmother are prime examples. The actions and the way of life of the Misfit and Grandmother are mostly due to the fact that they are living in an false reality where they are in their own little world, where in the Misfit’s worldRead MoreLiterary Analysis of Flannery O’Connor’s â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find†755 Words   |  4 PagesThe concept of being a â€Å"good† person has painted the picture of how people have handled their lives throughout history. On the same note, this concept has also been the subject of much debate; such is the case in Flannery O’Connor’s â€Å"A Good Man is Hard to Find†. The protagonist, the unnamed grandmot her struggles to find the â€Å"good† in others and herself. O’Conner uses foreshadowing, characterization, and a distinct point of view to make her point. In my interpretation, her point is that only throughRead More Turns and Twists in Flannery OConnors A Good Man Is Hard to Find1230 Words   |  5 PagesTurns and Twists in Flannery OConnors A Good Man Is Hard to Find Irony is a useful tool for giving stories unexpected turns and twists. In Flannery OConnors A Good Man Is Hard to Find, irony is used as a very effective literary tool; to guide the story in and out of what we think will happen. OConnor uses irony in this story to contradict statements and situations to expose a truth very much different from what we the reader would think to be true. OConnor use irony in several different

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My Personal Experience with Prejudice in America Essay

Someone once asked me how I felt about prejudice. â€Å"In contrast to what?†, or should I say, â€Å"shocking in all its forms.† Initially my response was puzzling. Let me explain. If you were to ask me how I felt about prejudice in the United States I would have to say, â€Å"Here, I am very aware of my skin color.† It is no secret that the US has had a long historical battle with racism. I am able to be educated at the collegiate level, due wholly, or in part, to the Civil Rights movement of the 1960’s. It is the reason I am allowed to vote in this country. The reason I can walk in any public arena and claim what is equally, or rightfully mine, subjected to law. It does not mean there is always equal application based on the right(s). I can†¦show more content†¦The Counselor’s response, she could expect to get in and I could too, as long as I recognized that it may take a little more strategy and energy on my part, although my grades and aptitude for the school curriculum were much better. The innuendo of the suggestion was based on the color of my skin, not my nationality, not my gender. Shocking indeed. Living abroad, in Europe, specifically Germany, Great Britian, France, Italy, and the Czech Republic, brought to my attention a different kind of prejudice. One based on my nationality. â€Å"Americans are rude.† â€Å"Americans are narrow-minded. â€Å" â€Å"Americans are spoiled.† â€Å"Americans are self-centered.† â€Å"Americans never try to blend in to the culture.† â€Å"Americans only speak English and expect everyone else to speak it too.† I heard all too often. When I lived in France, my ex-husband and I were in a sculpture gallery, interested in purchasing a few pieces. My ex-husband, of Italian decent, but he spoke no French, approached the sales clerk about a piece. He expressed in English his interest and inquired of the cost. The sales clerk responded in French, â€Å"I hate for Americans to come in the shop. I don’t want to serve them. They always feel so entitled to service the way they demand.† I re sponded in French, our deepest apologies. The write up on the piece was in English and although my husband (at the time) was not formally versed in the language, he made the assumption that English was spoken based on theShow MoreRelatedPrejudice: a Worldwide Problem1429 Words   |  6 PagesPrejudice: A Worldwide Problem There is a dangerous and often deadly problem in the world today. It reaches beyond political and religious boundaries and spans across all economic and social statuses. It affects the homeless, middleclass, and the richest people in society. The problem is prejudice. In America, when we think of prejudice we often think of it in terms of Black and White. However, prejudice is much more than that. It is a broad term that can encompass things like racism, sexism, andRead MoreEssay on The Causes of Prejudice by Vincent N. Parrillo850 Words   |  4 Pages Prejudice is known for negative beliefs and actions upon individuals or even groups of people. In the article, â€Å"Causes of Prejudice† by Vincent N. Parrillo, Parrillo talks about both the psychological and sociological causes of prejudice but in this particular essay we will just be focusing on the former side of the equation. It happens at the cognitive level of prejudice where a person or a group of people believe in something that is not true. For example, some people say Asian people are notRead MoreThe Color Of Water By James Mcbride1506 Words   |  7 PagesColor of Water Comparison Essay When people are treated unfairly or unjustly, how should they perceive it and how to they generally react to this? In the Color of Water by James McBride, prejudice shapes James and Ruth in many ways, James has different stories than Ruth, due to the fact that he lived in a different time period, which makes his scenario different from Ruth’s. Both faced adversity, and stood up for themselves and defended themselves in many different ways just to make sure that theyRead MoreThe Color Of Water By James Mcbride1514 Words   |  7 PagesThe Color of Water Comparison Essay When people are treated unfairly or unjustly, how should they perceive it and how do they generally react to this? In The Color of Water by James McBride, prejudice shapes James and Ruth in many ways, James has different stories than Ruth, due to the fact that he lived in a different time period, which makes his scenario different from Ruth’s. Both faced adversity, and stood up for themselves and defended themselves in many different ways just to make sure thatRead MoreMinimum Of 10 Indications Of Prejudice : The Most Hated Homophobic Family In America1237 Words   |  5 Pages Identify a minimum of 10 indications of prejudice. The Most Hated Homophobic family in america In the video with the westboro baptist family church they hate all gays and homosexuals. (1.)(2.)(3.)Their picket signs showed a man lean over and another man behind him indicating what she called homosexual act that all gays are doing is just her own prejudices and beliefs that homosexual is nasty it is her own idea. Stereotype two all those in the act of sexualness not between one man and one womanRead MoreDiversity in the U.S.1211 Words   |  5 PagesDr. Rosetta Kincaid EHT/125 Cultural Diversity To begin my personal informative essay on diversity in the United States, I would like to point out what information has had the most influence on how I better understand and relate to others different from how I did in the past. I do not feel as though this class taught me any more than I already know about other races and ethnicities, in terms of, how their ancestors came to America, or what hardships particular racial or ethnical groups haveRead MoreMy Mother, If She Had Won Free Dance Lessons And The Cab Driver Who Ripped Me Off945 Words   |  4 Pagesideas can be viewed negatively or positively. Stereotypes may foster or perpetuate misconceptions about some demographics. In the poems, â€Å"My Mother, If She Had Won Free Dance Lessons† and â€Å"The Cab Driver Who Ripped Me Off,† both written by Cornelius Eady, contain characters who are susceptible to misconceptions and prejudices due to their personal experiences. In â€Å"My Mother, If She Had Won Free Dance Lessons,† the speaker discusses his mother s condition and how their lives could have been differentRead MoreImportance of Being Bilingual Essay901 Words   |  4 Pagesthe official language in America and everybody communicates in English. Many people believe that English should be the only language in America and that sometimes people may face prejudice when they speak English with an accent. For some parents, the fear of prejudice makes them decided not to teach their children their native tongue. On the other hand, there are many other reasons why some parents want to teach their children their native tongue. Gabriela Kuntz explains in My Spanish Standoff why sheRead MoreEthnic Literature : Ethnic American Literature1381 Words   |  6 PagesEthnic American literature is a rich and varied treasure of poetry, fiction, drama, and much more. Written by some of America s greatest authors, this ethnic legacy opens up a world of diversity to readers, but it also illustrates the struggles and prejudice that still exist in our country today. Ethnic authors use their own experiences to illustrate the problems and prejudice they have faced in an attempt to gain the understanding of readers, and to perhaps change some long-held ideals and falsehoodsRead MoreSubtle Bias Against Arab Americans Job Applicants Essay1388 Words   |  6 Pagesselection. Up to a certain extent, America is a racially prejudiced country but that is just not limited to Arab American society. It includes Blacks, Italians, and Chinese with the addition of those who in near future will join this melting-pot. The aim of this paper is to analyze the substantive influence of one’s social identity, given shape by racial and religious factors, on his or her candidacy within a professional milieu. Concerning the issue of prejudice against Arab Americans, few researches

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Media Bias And Stereotypes A Long Way Of Justify The Truth

Media Bias and Stereotypes: a long way to justify the truth In the twenty-first century, China accomplishes great achievements in its economy, technology and diplomacy. As it becomes a country that has the fastest increasing rate in economy, masters spacecraft-building technics, and actively participates in International meetings and competitions, it draws the foreign media’s attention on exploring the country itself and presenting how its society and people are to their people who may not know much about those. However, although foreign media reports more frequently about China, many information they give out are one-sided and biased; their inabilities to portray a fair image of this country’s society and its people often lead to stereotyping by foreigners and tensions between them and Chinese people living across the world. These bias should be corrected and eliminated from media’s report. Media fails to present a around picture of things happen in China and lacks necessary clarifications in their reports often cause stereotyping Chinese people and society by foreigners. In Gene Luen Yang’s Comic book American Born Chinese, the character Chin-Kee, who dresses like a government officer in ancient China and can’t differ â€Å"l† and â€Å"r† when he speaks English, ridicules how foreigners often stereotype Chinese and think that all Chinese dress like characters in tradition costumes and speak bad English. The reason why they do so is because is that Chinese are often depicted thatShow MoreRelatedInfluence Of Cognitive Biases On Decisions1142 Words   |  5 PagesThe influence of cognitive biases on decisions Society once had a conjecture that only discriminatory people used stereotypes, however, studies in unconscious bias now reveal that we all are guilty of using stereotypes, all the time, without knowing it. Finally, the antagonist of equality has been found, and it is us. With a limited perspective, we all have a bias view of the world, this is because we are only capable of hearing, seeing, and reading what is around us. A definitive version of realityRead MoreThe Media Of The Homeless2516 Words   |  11 PagesKendall, author of Framing Class: Media Representations of Wealth and Poverty in America speaks in great detail about the many ways that the media portrays the homeless in news or articles. The media frames homelessness at best, sympathetically – as if they are â€Å"in need of our pity,† and at worst they show those who are considered chronically homeless as representatives of the whole homeless community (Kendall 4). Homelessness has always been depicted in a negative way. Many old stories and fablesRead MoreMedia Report : Ferguson On The Ultimate Struggle Over Race, Power And Privilege3021 Words   |  13 PagesNews Media Report: Ferguson in the Ultimate Struggle over Race, Power and Privilege. By: Keepa Karmacharya For: Professor Thobani Due: October 23rd, 2014 GRSJ 306 Introduction This essay argues that the shooting of Michael Brown and subsequent events in Ferguson, Missouri, cannot be fully understood outside the context of the social, historical, political and economic ideologies that shape the United States. I chose to critique two news reports each from different news sources, including The NewRead MoreExamining the Cult of Domesticity3661 Words   |  15 Pagesregulated in response to historical developments that threatened male hegemony, namely, nationalist anxiety following the American Revolution and the ascendance of capitalism as the overarching political and economic structure. Before examining the ways in which the cult of domesticity represents ideological manipulation in the explicit service of male hegemony, it will be useful to first briefly describe what is meant by the cult of domesticity, because this ideological construct extends far beyondRead MoreNcfe Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity Unit 1: Exploring Equality and Diversity5977 Words   |  24 Pagescultures. In other words, diversity in the classroom ensures there is no room for racism in future. ïÆ' ¼ Fighting bias Prejudices and stereotypes are part of the society and regularly invade our life experiences. People who appreciate diverse cultures and they learned it when they were children, they have positive self image and can avoid judging other people by the prejudices and stereotypes that they often come across. When people understand how diversity impacts their lives, they can make informedRead MoreSexism : Women And Women2525 Words   |  11 Pagessexism. Peter Glick and Susan Fiske developed a theory of ambivalent sexism. This was to be a theoretical guide, which splits up into two sub components. First there is the component of â€Å"hostile sexism†. This is a reflection of the destructive stereotypes and evaluation about gender. Simplistically put people who fall into this category critique the effect that society has had on women. Secondly there is â€Å"benevolent sexism†. This component is two faced, in that it appears to be subjectively constructiveRead MoreEmployment Discrimination And The Employment Essay2596 Words   |  11 Pages The unemployment rate for women and minorities is significantly higher than that of the caucasian male majority. Women are faced with obstacles that men are not. Women have to overcome gender stereotypes, child care responsibilities, and sexual harassment as obstacles, Minorities face negative stereotypes and generalizations that make them less desirable to employers. Employment dis crimination is responsible for segregation by concentrating negroes in the lowest skilled, lowest wage jobs. WomenRead MoreSimplifying the Kosovo Conflict through Media Correspondents Essay example6476 Words   |  26 Pagesand headlines in order to invoke horror on the public. Through atrocity stories and exaggerations, the newspaper coverage was able to demonize the Serbians and, therefore, neglected to tell the public the history and depth of the war in Serbia. Media coverage made the Kosovo crisis seem much more one-sided than history illustrated. Almost all newspaper stories portrayed Serbia as the villain in this conflict. The press, for the most part, only covered atrocities that supported the plight of theRead MoreEssay about The Anatomy of Abuse6133 Words   |  25 Pages The Anatomy of Abuse While this paper cannot be a definitive guide to the nature of the abuser, the victims relationship with the abuser and societies part in encouraging gender bias, I hope it will add to the pool of knowledge. It is my hope that, at least in a small way, this paper will be an aid towards helping us all understand the nature of domestic abuse and those who perpetrate or encourage it. George Rolph. London 2004. The abusers -- Actors in disguise. First and foremost abusersRead MoreRacism on College Campuses4582 Words   |  19 PagesAbstract: The main aim of this research paper is to directly observe and examine the way American College students perceive the notion of race on college campuses and how they believe it can be used to a persons advantage or disadvantage. I used two different kinds of research in this paper; interviews among 4 students from 4 different universities across the United States to provide a deep and personal understanding of the topic and by surveying in an open-ended questionnaire 10 American students

Scientific View of Creation and the Big Bang Essay

Scientific View of Creation and the Big Bang A common question among people is why are things the way they are? How was our world created? There are many different theories, from a variety of views. In this paper I will discuss the scientific view of the creation theory. The theory that I will be discussing is the Big Bang Theory, this is currently the theory of creation accepted by most scientists as the explanation of the beginning of the universe. The big bang theory suggests that the universe was once extremely compact, dense, and hot. Some uncommon event, a cosmic explosion called the big bang, occurred about 10 billion to 20 billion years ago, and the universe has since been expanding and cooling. The theory is†¦show more content†¦During the 1990’s Sky Telescope magazine ran a contest to find a better, more dignified name, but no change was made. The overall framework of the big bang theory remains unchanged, but some details of the theory are still being modified today. For example, Einstein himself initially believed that the universe was static. But when his equations seemed to show that the universe was either expanding or contracting, Einstein added a constant term to cancel out the expansion or contraction of the universe. Then, when the expansion of the universe was later discovered, Einstein stated that adding this cosmological constant had been a mistake. After Einsteins work of 1917, several scientists, including the abbà © Georges Lemaà ®tre in Belgium, Willem de Sitter in Holland, and Alexander Friedmann in Russia, came up with solutions of their own to Einsteins field equations. The universes described by the different scientists varied. De Sitters model had no matter in it. This model is actually not considered to be a bad approximation since the average density of the universe is extremely low. Lemaà ®tres universe expanded from a primeval atom. Friedmanns universe also expanded from a very dense clump of matter, but did not involve the cosmological constant. These models helped explain what happened to the universe shortly after its creation, but thereShow MoreRelatedThe Big Bang Theory And Evolution1612 Words   |  7 PagesCreation Theory A young man who is a senior in college has the opportunity of a lifetime to conduct research with professors in Israel on geological fossils for his major in Earth Science. He had never been out of the United States before and only knew what he had been taught: the big bang theory and evolution. Israel is made up of a very strong Jewish community and, as this young man would soon find out, they did not view geological findings through the Big Bang theory, but through the BiblicalRead MoreOriginal Creation of Earth1117 Words   |  5 PagesOriginal Creation of the Earth (The Big Bang vs. Six-Day Creation) TANITKA C. SMITH PHSC210_A24_201240 Debora Ladner December 3, 2012 INTRODUCTION The Big-Bang Theory, accepted widely by atheists and many scientists, simply says this: between 10 and 20 billion years ago a â€Å"bang† or explosion occurred from a single point in nothingness and with the scattering of googles of atoms, the earth came into being. An eruption of sorts occurred, haphazardly distributing the smallestRead More evolution898 Words   |  4 Pagesby a creative hand, either a sky god or some other physical objectquot; (Encarta 1). Think of it, as a trial to see which will win, creation or evolution. It has been the most argued debate in all of history, but creationism is more logical than evolution. To first understand what creation is about, we have to know what creation is. The Bible defines creation as the action by God that brought the universe and all its contents into being. The Bible also states, quot;God created great whales andRead MoreComparative Essay1341 Words   |  6 Pagesdoctrinal issues within Christianity, few are more divisive than controversies surrounding the days of creation and the age of the Earth.† As stated previously many people have thoughts and are curious as to how the Earth itself came into existence. When it comes to the scientific community there are two major theories the old earth view and the young earth view. The two conflicting points of view vary in the idea of how long the it took to create the earth and how old the Earth is. Many creationistRead MoreThe Theory of Evolution Essay1255 Words   |  6 Pageswith the Judeo-Christian view of god as the creator, based on multiple sources including statements from the Pope himself. Alth ough throughout history there are many instances of conflict between people, science, and the Catholic Church, there has recently been a widespread acceptance for science and many even say it does not interfere with the Judeo-Christian view of god as the creator. This essay will discuss the different types of views there are on evolution and creation, as well as go in depthRead MoreEssay about Science vs. Religion: How were we created?1516 Words   |  7 Pagesnbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;The idea of creation is one of the most controversial issues we have today. Your age, background, religion, and beliefs are the main characters that effect what you believe created the world. Science believes several theories on the creation but the most accepted is the Big Bang Theory. Religion has their own views on creation, Christians believe that God created the world, Islamic believe that Allah created man but in steps, and Mayans believe that the Heart of SkyRead MoreEssay on Christian Belief s in the Origins of the World511 Words   |  3 Pagesis right or wrong. It seems impossible that creation could have been accomplished in a mere six days. In Genesis one, note that no theory of evolution can be accommodated within it. Genesis is saying that the earth came before the sun, grass and trees before sea life, and birds before land animals. So does science contradict the Bible? Before one is able to answer this question, one must find out what the scientific facts are, rather than the unproven theoriesRead Morecomparative essays1256 Words   |  6 Pagesdoctrinal issues within Christianity, few are more divisive than controversies surrounding the days of creation and the age of the Earth.† As stated previously many people have thoughts and are curious as to how the Earth itself came into existence. When it comes to the scientific community there are two major theories the old earth view and the young earth view. The two conflicting points of view vary in the idea of how long the it took to create the earth and how old the Earth is. Many creationistRead MoreThe Life Of Charles Robert Darwin s Theory Of Biological Evolution1612 Words   |  7 Pagescountryside was covered with dust from coal-burning factories and the trees became darkened. As a result, the number of black moths increased dramatically to reach about 98% of the moth population. II. Beginning and evolution of the universe A. Scientific view As the universe enlarged, matter started to form into gas clouds, and form there its shaped stars and planets. However, to understand how the universe formed into its present shape, we must understand how galaxies, planets and stars are formedRead MoreAristotle And Ptolemy s Theory Of The Universe1146 Words   |  5 PagesAristotle and Ptolemy. The universe is like a giant living body, with its leading part being the stars and the Sun, but in which all parts are interconnected, so that what happens in one place affects what happens elsewhere. They also held a cyclical view of history, in which the world was once pure fire and would become fire again (an idea borrowed from Heraclitus). Compare and contrast Copernicus’ model of the universe to that described by Aristotle and Ptolemy. We noted earlier that 3 incorrect

Approaches and method in language teaching - MyAssignmenthelp.com

Question: Discuss about the Approaches and method in language teaching. Answer: Language is the most important method of communication for the humans. It is an extremely important skill that allows one person to communicate with another person (Owens, 2016). Children start developing languages even before they learn how to speak. A baby cries when she is hungry. Delay in the language skills may lead to frustration and miscommunications as she will not be able to convey her message properly. It is necessary to develop the language skills of a child so that information can be easily exchanged in a proper manner (Menyuk, Liebergott Schultz, 2014). Language acquisition is known to form a crucial stage in the development of the children (Slobin, 2017). The theory that was used in the olden days was that the children learnt language by imitating other people. Currently, there are many theories of language development like the Behavioural Theory, Interactionist Theory, Nativist Theory, and the Learning Theory. The aim of this essay is to explain the language developme nt of children by drawing on these theories. From birth, all the babies are surrounded by people who play and talk to them. Communication is a very important part which helps in determining the method in which the baby will learn to speak in the native language. Many theorists argue that nature is responsible for the manner in which a baby starts acquiring the language skills, while other theorists believe that only nurturing a child in a proper manner will help it to develop the language skills. The Nativist Theory is based on a biological theory, which states that the humans have the ability to develop language. When a child is born, the ability to develop a language is already present within the child. Chomsky believed that babies already have rules about the language in their heads, which is referred to as Universal Grammar. This universal grammar is the base on which the human languages are built. The theorist who is primarily associated with the Nativist Theory is Noam Chomsky. Before Chomsky developed this theory, it was considered that the language development was considered to be a cultural phenomenon based on imitation. The theorist was of the belief that all human babies are born with a Language Acquisition Device or a LAD (Chomsky, 2014). This Language Acquisition Device contains a set of rules that are common for all the languages. It is considered to be a hypothetical area of the brain which is responsible for explaining as to how the children can learn and understand languages. This device is similar to theoretical ideas that state the various ways of understanding the syntax and the languages (Berwick Chomsky, 2015). The theory also believed that Language Acquisition Device helps the children to identify and understand the structure of the native language so that they can subconsciously mark the lexical items in accordance to the syntactic position and the word class (Chomsky, 2014). As the children already have the building blocks of their mind, they can easily pick up the language. The Learning Theory includes the different kinds of learning that include social, operant, and classical learning (MacWhinney, 2014). Language development is considered similar to other behaviours that are learnt by a child. Language development is the reinforcement that helps in shaping the babbling into proper speech. According to the Innatist Perspective, to learn pluralizing the words are results of the new generation which are based on the experience of the similar words. For example, a child who has learnt to say Daddy from Tatty will eventually learn daddies. Classical conditioning is learning to associate a noun with an object. For example, if a baby hears the word bottle whenever it is being fed, they will start associating the object with the noun. The term bottle will start evoking a similar response along with the cognitive representation of the object. According to the operant conditioning, parents tend to reward their babies when they make babbling sounds and appreciate them. When the baby starts growing old, parents become more rewarding when they pronounce a word. Finally, they start shaping the speech of their children by encouraging them and correcting their words. For example, a child may pronounce Pas-Getty instead of Spaghetti. The parents start correcting them until they can speak the correct word. Various arguments have been stated against the Learning Theory. These arguments are that it is not capable of explaining the things that children say which they have not heard before. The theory also fails to explain the things that children do not say despite hearing them. The children do not start uttering articles like a, an, and the, though these words are most commonly spoken in English. It is believed that the kids learn languages from either nature or as a result of proper nurturing. The social Interactionist theorists believe that babies learn languages from both social and biological instances (Richards Rodgers, 2014) . Every person likes to talk with the babies, and this is what is exposing them to language. The Interactionists have the view that babies are generally born with the brains that provide them with the capability of picking up a language along with a strong desire of communicating. Few Interactionists also believe that the babies signal adults for giving them the exposure that is required to pick up a language. The theory proposes that the children can pick up languages easily from the people who are interested in communicating with them. The two big names in this theory are that of Jerome Bruner and Lev Vygotsky. Lev Vygotsky believed that the cultural development in every child can be seen in two different stages. Firstly, the child starts observing the interaction that goes on between the other people and then this behaviour starts developing in the child. This proves that the child tries to learn first and then the ability to communicate starts developing within him. The child slowly starts moving from the baby talk to learning complete sentences. Jerome Bruner is best known for the discovery of the learning theory and he believes that the learners, children or adults, generally learn the best when they start discovering knowledge for themselves (Nelson, 2015). Bruner also argues that an infant and an adult can communicate though the infant has not learnt to speak yet. The non-verbal communication between the infant and the adult helps in building the structure of the language before the child starts communicating verbally. The Interactionists focus on the model of collaborative learning. Collaborative learning refers to the idea that helps in the linguistic and cognitive development of children when conversing with the old people (Li et al., 2016). Language and speech are the tools that are used by humans for communicating sharing thoughts, emotions and ideas. The speech involves talking, which is an important way in which a person can express language. The period that is most intensive for the development of the language is during the first few years of childhood. During the first five years, the brain of a child develops and matures. The skills of learning a language will develop the best when there are the perfect sounds, exposures, and sights along with the different kinds of languages. The ability to learn a language can become difficult if the kids are not exposed to any particular language. The signs of communicating with the parents start when the infants realize that they will get food, companionship and comfort if they cry. Once the kids start growing, they start sorting the phonemes which will help in composing the language. The Nativist Theory, the Learning Theory and the Interactionist Theory suggest various explan ations and manners in which a child acquires and develops the language skills. Reference Berwick, R. C., Chomsky, N. (2015).Why only us: Language and evolution. MIT press. Chomsky, N. (2014).Aspects of the Theory of Syntax(Vol. 11). MIT press. Chomsky, N. (2014).The minimalist program. MIT press. Li, L., Tang, Z., Wang, D., Feng, Y., Zhang, S. (2016). Collaborative Learning for Language and Speaker Recognition.arXiv preprint arXiv:1609.08442. MacWhinney, B. (2014).Mechanisms of Language Acquisition: The 20th Annual Carnegie Mellon Symposium on Cognition. Psychology Press. Menyuk, P., Liebergott, J. W., Schultz, M. C. (2014).Early language development in full-term and premature infants. Psychology Press. Nelson, P. K. (2015). Piano Curriculum: What Order Do Teachers Introduce Concepts, What Method Books Teachers Are Using And How Do The Method Books Align With Jerome Bruner's Enactive, Iconic And Symbolic Learning Theory.MTNA e-Journal,6(4), 13-1. Owens Jr, R. E. (2016). Language Development: An Introduction| Edition: 9.Instructor. Richards, J. C., Rodgers, T. S. (2014).Approaches and methods in language teaching. Cambridge university press. Slobin, D. I. (Ed.). (2017).The Crosslinguistic Study of Language Acquisition: Volume 1: the Data. Psychology Press.

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Kraft Case Study free essay sample

Kraft Foods continues to grow and change to meet changing consumer needs, in part by building on its history — the legacy of its well-known brands, the character of its founders and the dedication of its employees. The company has continued to build on the innovative spirit of its past, with new products such as low-fat and fat-free products in a variety of categories. As for our case strategic management analysis of Kraft Food Inc, our group had structured the findings from examine their statement vision and mission, audit the external factors of the company opportunities and threat by doing the five forces model of competition, Competitive Profile Matrix (CPM), External Factor Evaluation Matrix (EFE) and Positioning Map as to evaluate the Kraft’s rivals position in the market. Besides, our groups observe the company’s internal factor as such their own strength and weakness by going through the Financial Ratio analysis and Internal factor Evaluation Matrix (IFE). Also, we had included the SWOT Analysis, Grand Strategy Matrix, Internal-External Matrix (IE), Quantitative Strategic Planning Matrix (QSPM) and some recommendation and justifications from our point of views. The objective of the assignment is to help us understanding the practicality that management people in each organization have done in the process of formulating strategies as to ensure the strategies will maximize a long term return to the company yet to achieve the sustainable competitive advantages. Therefore, this assignment has given an ease for us to understand more about the course of Strategic Management. . 0 STATEMENT OF VISION AND MISSION (ACTUAL) Vision: â€Å"Helping People around the World Eat and Live Better† Mission: Our vision tells the world-our employees, customers, consumers and the communities where we make and sell our products-what we care about. It captures the importance of health and wellness, but it also embodies all the ways we can eat and live better, such as the enjoyment of a dessert, the convenience of a microwave meal, the safety and value of our products and the services and solutions we provide. . 0 STATEMENT OF VISION AND MISSION (PROPOSED) Vision: â€Å"Being the First Choice of Healthy Food Products† Mission: A mission statement is often the most visible and public part of the strategic management process, it is important that it includes all of these essential components: 1. Customers 2. Products or services 3. Markets 4. Technology 5. Concern for survival, growth and profitability 6. Philosophy 7. Self-concept 8. Concern for public image 9. Concern for employee The recommended mission statement for Kraft Food can be as follows: â€Å"Kraft Food is devoted to providing its customers appetite for life, which love to laugh and live to eat. At Kraft Food we believe it is the best in the world. We aim to be the most successful food company in the world at delivering the best customer experience in markets we serve. By do so; Kraft Food will meet its customer expectations through highest quality food prepared with leading technology and by hiring and retaining personnel with exceptional capabilities. Michael porter provided a framework that models an industry as being influenced by five forces. The strategic business manager seeking to develop an edge over rival firms can use this model to better understand the industry context in which the firm operates. According to Porter, the nature of competitiveness in a given industry can be viewed as a composite of five forces which are rivalry among competing firms, potential entry of new competitors, potential development of substitute products, bargaining power of suppliers, and bargaining power of consumers. As for our case analysis, we need to identify and evaluate the Kraft Food Inc. ’s five forces model competition. Rivalry among competing firms is the most powerful of the five competitive forces which describes the intensity of competition between existing players (companies) in an industry. The ongoing war between firms competing in the same industry for gaining customer share tends to increase revenues and profits. The competition is more intense if firm pursue strategies that gives competitive advantage over the strategies pursued by rivals. High competitive pressure will results in pressure on prices, margins, and hence, on profitability for every single company in the industry. In such ways, we had come across from the case; Kraft has its own rivals in the same competing industry as such Nestle and Con Agra. These two companies give an intensity in selling essentially the same products as there will always end up being a price war which will severely hurt the company profits. These food industry companies have had problem and fierce competition for them to make a profit. For example, Nestle, is the largest food processing company yet it also produces health and beauty and pet care products. Not only that, the majority of Nestle’s revenues from international sales compared to Kraft Food Inc. is primarily generated their revenue from North American Company. Moreover, Kraft also finds itself competing with generic products and retailer brands, wholesalers and cooperatives. These products are largely competitive threat to Kraft. Otherwise, ConAgra Food is the largest publicly held firm that Kraft Food competes with in the US market. It also leading the branded foods company and one of the nation’s leading specialty potato providers to restaurants and other foodservice establishments. Thus, it gives a big intensity towards Kraft to lead the industry in to reach the sustainable competitive advantages. Another force might come from potential entry of new competitors. The competition in an industry will be the higher; the easier it is for other companies to enter this industry. In such a situation, new entrants could change major determinants of the market environment for instance; market shares, prices, customer loyalty at any time. The latent pressure of a new organization entering the industry is high when it is easy for an organization to enter the industry i. e. entry barriers are low. An organization will look at how loyal customers are to existing products, how quickly they can achieve economy of scales, would they have access to suppliers, would government legislation prevent them or encourage them to enter the industry. Threat of entrants is high and unfavorable in the industry. This is a real threat in a place like Pakistan where the food industry views constantly changing patterns in demand. Due to its consumer base, that is always on the look-out for new and changed product which suit with the current trends and customers’ eating habits and preferences at home and restaurants. Every now and then, it can be seen that currently market for packaged and processed food has been increased and many retails brand has offered new product of which only a few are able to successfully survive in the long run. Thus, Kraft must concentrate its efforts on ‘differentiation strategy’ as that is the key of survival in the food industry especially, in the market for packaged and processed foods. For examples, Kraft has made a major successful with its OREO biscuits as they were no other brand offered such product at that time. After that, a number of rivals whether the existing rivals or the new entrants tend to imitate OREO biscuits. Moreover, this OREO biscuits also had been used by many other markets as such Mc Donald has been used this product with their ice creams which is Mc Flurry Oreo. There are also some forces that affect the threats of new entrants which are political, economic, social and technological. As for political, if the government brings out higher product license cost and increased taxes or implements strict health and safety regulations along with more documentation procedures, this will increase the barriers to entry. Besides, in case of improvement in the economy, more people could afford to go buy more products which give more opportunities for new brands and products to come up. The current social trend is in favor of the consumer to choose type of food that were eased in packaging as more people adopt a lifestyle that includes less time for preparation of food. Thereby, increasing their demand will also increasing the threat of new entrants. The rise in innovative technology has made management and the process of manufacturing the products very easy and the new sophisticated software now enable the manufacturers to run with less number of employees, thereby, reducing the labor cost. Thus, this factor increases the threat of new entrants. As for the force of potential development of substitute product, it is actually a threat from substitutes exists if there are alternative products with lower prices of better performance parameters for the same purpose. They could potentially attract a significant proportion of market volume and hence reduce the potential sales volume for existing players. This category also relates to complementary products. In easy words this type of force is a pressure from the substitute or alternative products which is offering lower price and better performance. As it can be seen from Kraft cases, we analyzed that there are several substitute products competing in the current trends as such the development of health product. This force comes from the demanding of consumers towards these health products as those containing less trans fat or fewer calories or those containing only organic ingredients. As currently, customers’ awareness is increasingly towards healthier lifestyle and more people suffering in many diseases such as obesity. Another substitute product that had been analyzed by our group is the currently trend of bottled water. It has becomes well established in the market and enhanced waters containing vitamins or supplements are gaining popularity. Another factor which gives the pressure from substitute products is the current trends of people dining out, and food produces are devoting more attention to products designed for restaurants, vending machines and other foodservice providers. Thus, this gives a stress to Kraft to develop their products in completing the demands of current trends towards the substitute products. One of the five forces is bargaining power of suppliers. The term suppliers comprises all sources for inputs that are needed in order to provide goods or services. Suppliers have a great deal of influence over an industry as they affect price increases and product quality. Suppliers are also essential for the success of an organization. Raw materials are needed to complete the finish product of the organization. Suppliers do have power. This power comes from; if they are the only supplier or one of few suppliers who supply that particular raw material either it costly for the organization to move from one supplier to another (known also as switching cost) or there is no other substitute for their product. The bargaining power of suppliers might be high because the inputs are not easily substituted, keeping in mind only those companies in the industries that are rather cautious about their inputs as poor quality inputs can cause them a hefty amount of business. Also, the inputs are usually of a perishable nature, thus, stock-ups are not possible, that is why reliability of suppliers is very important. Therefore, these companies usually have one or two major supplier of main inputs, who can provide good quality inputs in a timely manner. This is an unattractive aspect of this industry, that’s why; Kraft should integrate backward by probably has their own packaging factory or other ways in producing their own input without relying to other suppliers as such have their own dairy milk. It is in order to eliminate this power of suppliers. Besides, in other circumstances, when the input cost for bakers likes wheat, eggs and natural gas have declined recently, some bakeries and food manufacturers will slightly have an advantages of earning higher revenue as they offer the same price to the market even the suppliers had reduced the input price. The last five forces model is the bargaining power of customers. Similarly, the bargaining power of customers determines how much customers can impose pressure on margins and volumes his buyers power is significant in that buyers can force prices down, demand higher quality products or services, and, in essence, play competitors against one another, all resulting in potential loss of industry profits. In the case of Kraft, many consumers are cutting back on their spending by switching to store-brand products which will give a big impact towards Kraft product in trying to compete with those generally low price products. The bargaining powers of consumers tend to be seen from the impact of consumers are trying to stretch their dollars further and competition increasing. This is because the corporate and brand reputation are expected to become increasingly important in the way that they will try to improve their product, quality and services as such there are food safety programs have been adopted recently. Therefore, based on these recently trend, Kraft need to developed their services, products yet their strategies in increasing the brand’s name and reputation. Besides, customers today view food as an expression of their cultural and social identity and therefore asking a lot more from producers than just good quality. Thus, Kraft can look at this kind of pressure as their own opportunity to improve their existing products. As for the whole review, it can be seen that all of these five forces tend to give high and big pressure or force to Kraft. Hence, the strong pressure and intensity will make the result look negative towards the Kraft as it needs to compete in the fierce market and industry competition. Despite of all these stress and intensity, Kraft is still able to maintain and compete strongly within the food industry till these days even the company and all the management teams had faced fluctuation times with the company. Mostly, the firm that seems to have strong forces from these five forces model competition will take a step to quit or switch to another industry which has less severe forces. However, Kraft still continues operating and pulls through with all the intensity by implementing wise strategies to achieve its own mission and vision. This is resulted in the company’s market share and industry growth also tends to look good. In addition, Kraft always improves their strategies and means as to adapt quickly with the changes in the market. For examples, the CEO Rosenfeld has been leading the Kraft through a turnaround process designed to return the company to sustainable growth. Therefore, with all of these strong incoming pressures will give a hard time for Kraft to achieve sustainable competitive advantage yet they still able to compete strongly in the market. As a cessation, Porters fives forces model is an excellent model to use in analyzing a particular environment of an industry. So for example, if we were entering the industry, we would use Porters model to help us find out about; Competitive rivalry, Power of suppliers, Power of buyers, Threats of substitutes and Threat of new entrants. The above five main factors are key factors that influence industry performance; hence it is common sense and practical to find out about these factors before we enter the new industry. | Kraft Food | Nestle| Con Agra| Critical Success Factors| Weight| Rating| Weighted Score| Rating| Weighted Score| Rating| Weighted Score| 1) Research and Development 2) Advertising 3) Restructuring 4) Product Brand Name 5) Financial 6) Health and Wellness Product 7) Market share| 0. 200. 200. 150. 100. 150. 100. 10| 4432321| 0. 800. 800. 450. 200. 450. 200. 10| 4344423| 0. 800. 600. 600. 400. 600. 200. 30| 3122241| 0. 600. 200. 300. 200. 300. 400. 10| Total| 1. 00| | 3. 00| | 3. 50| | 2. 10| 5. 2 CPM –Competitive Profile Matrix Analysis: Kraft Food is currently below Nestle which is 0. 50 in different as compared to Nestle total weighted score above. A key of success of Kraft Food was James Kraft’s commitment to developing new products. For example in 2010, Kraft Food China launched a strong pipeline of innovative products, including Oreo Ice Cream Flavor and Mini-snack biscuits. Moreover, the other key critical success factor is on the advertising. In advertising also is one of the important key success factor that makes the company more well know to the customers and the way they advertise the company are based on the media, consumers journals, outdoors billboard and others. Contrary with ConAgra, they are not actively focusing on the advertising method. In terms of restructuring, as a result of merger with Philip Morris and National Company, the company became the largest food company in US and the second largest in the world. However, as compared to Nestle, it has established joint ventures with giants like Coca Cola, General Mills and L’Oreal that are helpful in providing knowledge on different technological aspects and to ConAgra, they only realignment of ConAgra Foods from three operating channels to two, with the previous ConAgra Foodservice being merged with ConAgra Food Ingredients to form ConAgra Foods Commercial. Furthermore, in terms of products brand name, Kraft Foods only have 100 different brand name food products and tracks as compared to Nestle which is it has a vastly diversified product portfolio containing approximately 6000 brands (beverages, ice creams, frozen food items, chocolates and biscuits, pet care nutrition items, etc. ) Nevertheless, Nestle is doing outstandingly better in terms of financial as their key success factor compared to Kraft Food and ConAgra because in 2010, a turnover of RM4. billion for the Financial Year Ended 31 December 201, 7. 5% increase over the previous financial year, benefiting from positive consumer sentiments and renewed confidence arising from strong developments in both the global and local economies as with Kraft Foods, only RM49, 207,000. In terms of health and wellness of the products, Kraft Foods is doing the same as its competitors Nestle, and ConAgra is doing better because they are continuously upgrading in food safety by investing $25mill ion into training initiatives.

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Sample Essay About Art History

Sample Essay About Art HistoryIf you are looking for a sample essay about art history, then you have probably been given instructions on where to start by the professors or course instructor. However, do not be too concerned about this as a sample essay about art history is generally enough to get you started. However, if you do not feel comfortable with writing a sample essay about art history, then you can always go ahead and write your own.So, first of all, you need to ensure that you have the basic knowledge about art history. This means that you need to be aware of the different periods that different countries and cultures in the world are known for. For example, a piece about European art would be quite different from a piece about African art.The next thing that you need to do when you want to write a sample essay about art history is that you need to understand the type of art that is being discussed. For example, a piece about the renaissance in Italy would be different fro m a piece about graffiti in America. A piece about this type of art might be written in English while a piece about this type of art in America might be written in a language other than English.Therefore, a sample essay about art history is incomplete without an understanding of the different art forms. There is another thing that you need to know also: how to put together the information that you have about different art forms in the different samples. For example, the types of art such as painting, sculpture, photography, etc.Next, you need to take note of the relationship between the art and the subjects in the essay. For example, one of the examples that you could choose from is that of the relationship between art and politics. You might have read about the impact of political art, for example, during the French Revolution.Some professors, who do not feel comfortable about writing sample essays about art history, will ask their students to select a theme or topic. This might no t sound like much of a problem if the subject or theme is something relatively easy to understand. However, this can often create a problem if the topic or theme of the essay is too difficult to understand or if it is more complicated than you already are.This is why you should be ready to give any specific example or phrase that you are looking for a definition. Of course, this might cause some students to have problems in doing this as they are not sure how to make a definition that is acceptable to the college.In addition, you should also have a good grasp of how to rewrite a sample essay about art history. For example, you may find it hard to understand why a sample essay about paintings is incomplete without the explanation of why the painting was considered to be an art form.